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Our people

Linda Taylor and John Ennis lead the talented Thornton Hope team.

Linda Taylor, Director

Linda Taylor pictureLinda is an inspirational consultant who will get to know your business well in a very short space of time. Skilled at picking up corporate clues quickly and with a knack for spotting strengths and weaknesses in teams and processes, Linda is well placed to highlight opportunities for improvement.

Linda’s approach is hands-on with a focus on practical outputs and she will set out exactly what steps you need to take to improve your performance and processes. Helping businesses implement best practice credit management solutions that are tailored to their business needs – there’s no off-the-shelf solutions from Linda who will understand the specific challenges of each business, their customers and their people.

Linda leads, manages and motivates Thornton Hope’s team of Credit Management experts who support both Linda and John in all consultancy projects.

Linda has worked with excellent people and leading brands, including Leicestershire County Council, East Midlands Shared Service, Coca-Cola, Damovo, Scottish Courage Brands, Tate & Lyle and Eden Springs. Her areas of expertise are Credit Management and Order to Cash (OTC) Consultancy, Shared Services, Credit Control, Commercial Debt Recovery, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Team and Process Improvement, Transformation and Development.

John Ennis, Director

John Ennis pictureExperienced, knowledgeable and strategic. These are the words people use to describe John.

He is an expert in operational credit management and is particularly skilled at identifying technological changes to improve results. John constantly challenges himself and is equally ambitious for his clients, keen to help them reach their objectives and push beyond the limitations of past performance. Focused on helping them to achieve their goals, John quickly becomes part of the consultancy team he is working with.

A clear thinker with exceptionally high performance standards, John’s extensive experience of operational credit management is a major strength. He handles complex metrics, processes and solutions with ease and can see through operational hurdles and challenges to find new ways of working to generate better results.

John’s approach is to focus on operational improvements, measurements and outputs with a clear understanding of overall objectives thanks to his experience of working with major brands including Leicestershire County Council, East Midlands Shared Service, Eden Springs, Tate & Lyle, RBS Invoice Finance and various Shared Services.

John’s areas of expertise are Strategic Planning for Credit Management, Negotiation, Team Management, Leadership, Shared Services, Commercial Debt Recovery, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Transformation and Development.