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Debt Recovery Services

Hands-on, practical support to meet your operational targets.

Transitional programme management

Once our recommendations to implement new improved processes are agreed and everyone is clear on the objectives, goals and targets your team need to get ready to work in new ways. It can be daunting to accept a significant number of changes all at once and we’ve found that our operational client support team can provide the ideal transitional management resource.

We will support you to get the ball rolling, it could be that we start by implementing and testing the new processes, handle letter and call campaigns and any other actions that need to get under way.

Meanwhile we will work in parallel with your team to manage the transition with the aim that in the longer term, they will handle the new, improved credit management processes internally. Included here is the essential motivational push that may be required to get your collections team organised - we think of it as the Thornton Hope adrenaline rush!

Credit control & commercial collections

Branded Credit Control is our speciality. We will agree the most effective collection strategy for your customer base and we will facilitate the strategy through contact with your customers as if we are your Credit Control team.

If you need an escalation process to recover outstanding debts, our specialist commercial Debt Recovery team are the ideal resource. It provides an effective strategy to improve cash flow and minimise the risk of future bad debts. You will always know exactly what stage the recovery process is at, thanks to our online reporting tool giving you real time information on results.

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